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What We Do

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Shelter Dogs

The majority of our resources and time go toward the care of the animals that are currently living on our premises. We’ve been to those awful pet shelters where animals are in a queue for the incinerator. Living out their last days as criminals wrongly convicted to death on concrete floors and appalling conditions. Though we can’t provide the comfort a home could, we try our hardest to get close. 

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Shots, Spay, & Neuter

We are careful to make sure animals in our care are as medically healthy as possible as well as spay and neutered. The great cost of these medical precautions is viewed as a necessity not able to be cut. Again as we intend to find a home for every single animal in our care we do not pass over an animal for these medical precautions.

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Adoption Services

Our main goal is to find a loving home for each and every animal that we take into our facility. We offer the most streamlined, while remaining thorough and cautious, adoption process for rescued animals around. Click one of our quick adopt pets for more information, contact us, or stop by from 8am - 8pm Monday - Friday.

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Create Public Awareness

Public awareness is the labor of love with which we tirelessly pursue. We want anyone, and everyone, who is a capable potential pet owner to be aware of the animals we have and the great need for homes for these innocent neglected creatures. 

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A Note From Our Founder

Congratulations on taking the first step toward becoming the owner of an otherwise forsaken pet. I apologize for using strong language but I think it's important that you know that you are, in fact, saving an innocent life. 

The general thought attitude toward animal shelters and humane societies is that they magically "fix" a stray animal situation, but unfortunately, they do not. 

Within 48 hours of being dropped at an animal shelter most animals meet their demise. Their last hours are spent in confusion in a new place that is more like a jail than a home. Typically over crowded and  filled with hard cold tile and concrete to help keep cleanup easy. 

Their end is an awful one, especially because they have not done anything wrong, they were just simply a burden on someone. 

I would like to extend my dearest and most sincere thanks to you for helping make a difference in the life of an innocent companion animal.

I hope you find as much joy from your new pet as they will from you and that you understand that you are truly a hero!


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Jordan Colyer

Founder, CompassionRescue LLC