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We are a collective of individuals, and rescue pet owners, who are all passionate about animals and have the privlege of playing an active role in helping sheltered and abandoned dogs find new loving homes. 

Compassion Rescue started in 2008 and has since served thousands of pets and owners alike. We have provided new homes to countless animals in our local community and more than thirty six locations throughout the continental US during that time. 

Our goal in the next 10 years is to open a second location and help bring happy homes to an even wider area. 

The center was origionally formed by Jordan Colyer who is dedicated to ensuring as many animals as possible find loving hands in the future and is always available for anyone who is in need with their pets. Feel free to contact her directly from our contact page with any inquiry.

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Pictured above: Kinzington Muffins & Founder Jordan Colyer

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Pictured above: For some animals the shelter is the end of the line. 

Why No Kill Shelters Need Your Help is a non-profit business. We’re often asked “If you’re non-profit why do you charge to adopt animals?” Fair question, the answer however is not fair. In order to keep the doors open, and beds filled with animals until they are adopted (and not just until the end of the week) we encounter a great deal of expense. 

We are happy to, and often do, use our own money to help the animals we service, however, it’s just not enough. The daily cost to keep a dog is roughly $30 - $60. This is per dog per day.

This cost is in addition to rent, electricity, running water, staffing, advertising (yes people need to know where to find our animals), and medical expenses (which amount to the highest cost per pet).

It is because of these expenses, and weeding out the non-commited potential owners, that we charge as little as we can to help cover these expenses, but they will never be enough. This is where you can step in to help keep these animals alive, cared for, and in good homes without having to adopt a pet yourself.

Simply donate any amount you are able to (no amount too small) and your contribution will directly effect one of our animals lives.